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Ogilvie Raceway
Ogilvie Raceway
Ogilvie Raceway
Ogilvie Raceway
Ogilvie Raceway
May 28, 2012 - Bellefeuille, Loomis and VanMil Sweep the BIG "O"


Ogilvie Raceway

By: R.J. Sahlstrom (May 26 & 27)


All systems were go when the WISSOTA Dirt Track Racing Series hit the 3/8 mile oval at the Ogilvie Raceway. The first night of a Memorial Day weekend double-header had great potential as many great race teams signed in a the pit gate.  Heat races for the Midwest Modifieds, a Super Stock make-up Feature, heats for Street Stocks, Mod-4’s, Modifieds and Hornets were all in the books as a rainy mist took over the festivities. The first heat for the Super Stocks would be the last cars on the track for the night as the rains came down. They were helped off the race surface and sent to the pits resulting in a cancellation of the program.


The make-up Feature from 5/19 for the WISSOTA Super Stocks would be the only event of the program officially completed.  On the front row for the Main Event were Donna Schmidt and Mike Mueller. Mueller took the early lead for the 15 lap race on lap one and never looked back. He was able to fight off all challengers including multiple attempts by Dave Mass and Dan Gullikson. It was a very exciting race with Mueller taking a ride to victory lane in his C & S Automotive sponsored ride. He was followed to the end by Mass, Gullikson, Josh Anderson and Ronnie Malecki.



Night two:


With temperatures close to 90 degrees at race time it was apparent that the race action could be just as hot. Race fans were not disappointed as the racing was highly contested and the action was furious. The WISSOTA Dirt Track Racing Series took to the Ogilvie Raceway for the second night of the Memorial Day Weekend Double-Header.


The WISSOTA Modified heat race checkers fell for Jody Bellefeuille. Lined up on the front row for the Feature were Brett Johnson and Keith Tourville. The battle royal was on when the green flag dropped. Tourville became the first leader on lap one and maintained the lead through lap eleven. Johnson then took over the front spot on lap twelve. The crowd came to the edge of their seats on the very last circuit as Bellefeuille orchestrated a pass for the lead in turn four. He was in front of Johnson at the flag stand to finish a clean sweep in the Uncle Dunbar’s Autobody rocket. Behind them at the checkers were Tourville, Terry Hanson and JT Johnson.


The WISSOTA Super Stock heat race checkers went to Mike Loomis and Ross Dixon. Leading the field to green in the Feature were two number 87 cars driven by Mike Mueller and Trevor Wilson. Wilson took the initial lead during the race exhibiting four yellows and paced the field through lap nine. Loomis took the final lead on lap ten in the GRP Motorsports ride and never looked back. He finished a clean sweep for the show followed by Dixon, Wilson, Andy Grymala and Joel Collins.


The WISSOTA Midwest Modified heat winners were Tim Siercks, Gabe Kennedy and Bud Martini. On the front row for the Feature were Jason VandeKamp and David Siercks. VandeKamp blasted out to the lead when the green flew and dominated through lap twelve. The yellow lights blinked on lap thirteen when a car brushed the wall on the high side of turn one. On the following restart Martini claimed the lead briefly on lap thirteen. VandeKamp regained the lead on lap fourteen and held off the charging Martini for the win. It was visually a tie to the fans in the stands, but the electronic timing system showed the Winnick Supply entry in the lead over Martini by .006 seconds at the finish line. Chasing them at the checkers were David Siercks, Travis Schulte and Tim Siercks.


The WISSOTA Street Stock heat checkers were taken by Justin Pogones and Brad Schmidt. Leading the field to the Feature green were Kyle Howland and Kevin Schmidt. Howland took the initial lead of the contest as he would lead the first two laps. Tourville made a pass for the lead on lap three and remained the front runner until two caution flags came out on laps fourteen and fifteen. Tourville retained the lead on both restarts and stayed there taking the Player Motorsports ride to victory lane. He was followed by Pogones, Howland, B. Schmidt and Rick Nelson.


The WISSOTA National Mod-4 class Heat was won by Corry VanMil. Sitting on the front row for the Feature were Tyler Larson and Ryan Buer. Larson grabbed the early lead and would stay there through lap five. VanMil then took the lead on lap six when Larson dropped off the pace having apparent problems with his car. VanMil never looked back from that point on to complete a clean sweep for the night. He took the Outlet Recreation sponsored ride to victory lane followed by Kyle Thell, Buer, Tommy McGough and Brandon Lindquist.


Quain Busitzky took the checkers in the Hornet heat. Travis Swanson did the same in the Feature.


The next event at Ogilvie Raceway will be a regular race program on Saturday June 2nd. The first green flag drops at 6:30pm.  If you are looking for some exciting dirt track racing on a Saturday night, come to the “BIG O” for dirt track racing at its finest.


Night 1 Results:


WISSOTA Super Stock

Make-up Feature from 5/19: Mike Mueller, Dave Mass, Dan Gullikson, Josh Anderson, Ronnie Malecki, Dexter Robyn, Brandon Englund, Jacob Swalboski, Donna Schmidt



Night 2 Results:


WISSOTA Modified

Heat: Bellefeuille, Hanson, Tourville, B. Johnson, JT Johnson, Peterson

Feature:  Jody Bellefeuille, Brett Johnson, Keith Tourville, Terry Hanson, JT Johnson, Dustin Nelson, Kristopher Peterson


WISSOTA Super Stock

Heat 1: Loomis, Grymala, Lofdahl, Mueller, Swalboski, Tabatt, Englund

Heat 2: Dixon, Wilson, Collins, Johnson, Robyn, Searing, Fitzsimmons

Feature: Mike Loomis, Ross Dixon, Trevor Wilson, Andy Grymala, Joel Collins, Larry Fitzsimmons, Cole Searing, Chris Johnson, Donnie Lofdahl, Jason Tabatt, Mike Mueller, Jacob Swalboski, Brandon Englund, Dexter Robyn


WISSOTA Midwest Modified

Heat 1: T. Siercks, Schulte, Lien, Schuelke, Joel Madson, Davis, Josh Madson, Inman

Heat 2: Kennedy, Weiss, Matuska, Hastings, Putnam, Bombardo, Anderson, Newgard

Heat 3: Martini, VandeKamp, D. Siercks, Flowers, Froehlich, English, Luger

Feature: Jason VandeKamp, Bud Martini, David Siercks, Travis Schulte, Tim Siercks, Gabe Kennedy, Mitch Weiss, Joel Madson, Ryan Putnam, Kyle Matuska, Kyle Hastings, Christopher Anderson, Andrew Schuelke, Andrew Inman, Jeffery Lien, Jr., Brandon Bombardo, Mark Froehlich, Tyler English, Tyler Luger, Josh Madson, Dan Flowers, Kevin Newgard, Ricky Davis



WISSOTA Street Stock

Heat 1: Pogones, K. Schmidt, Howland, Nelson, Adams, Prieve, Maus-Krippner

Heat 2: B. Schmidt, Becken, Tourville, Cheney, Frey, Zerfas, Jones

Feature: Keith Tourville, Justin Pogones, Kyle Howland, Brad Schmidt, Rick Nelson, Adam Prieve, Jeff Frey, Tiffany Maus-Krippner, Kurt Becken, Patrick Zerfas, Bill Cheney, Dylan Jones, John Adams, Kevin Schmidt



Heat: VanMil, Larson, McGough, Thell, Buer, Lindquist, Kresal

Feature: Corry VanMil, Kyle Thell, Ryan Buer, Tommy McGough, Brandon Lindquist, Andrew Kresal, Tyler Larson



Heat: Busitzky, Opsahl, Keeney, Swanson, Voss, D. Troupe, English, T. Troupe

Feature: Travis Swanson, Quain Busitzky, Levi Voss, Brandon Opsahl, Christopher Keeney, Dillon Troupe, Payton English, Tyler Troupe


Ogilvie Raceway
Ogilvie Raceway
Ogilvie Raceway

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