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Ogilvie Raceway
Ogilvie Raceway
Ogilvie Raceway
Ogilvie Raceway
Ogilvie Raceway
May 27, 2014 - Brian Friez wins with ease

By: Tami Jo Kuehn


Ogilvie, MN (May 24) Clear skies and warm temps welcomed drivers and fans to the Ogilvie Raceway for a night of WISSOTA Amsoil Dirt Track Racing Series action. The Memorial Weekend races were full of action and close finishes as Kyle Thell, Jeremy Nelson, Brian Friez, Matthew Dibb, Dustin Nelson and Brandon Opsahl took home the hardware.


Jamie Flickinger grabbed the lead as the WISSOTA Mod Four feature began. Kyle and Keith Thell however drove through the pack into second and third before they rounded turn two. Kyle Thell moved aside Flickinger and took first as Matt Halls moved into top points. Halls took second and set eyes on Thell with the race half over. Halls kept the pressure on Thell and kept grabbing his side, but Thell continued to drive away. As the checkers were raised, Thell and Halls were door to door as they came to the line. A difference of .032 seconds separated them as Kyle Thell took the win. Halls settled for second with Flickinger, Ryan Buer and Keith Thell in the top points.


The WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds were next up and Bud Martini took the lead. Dave Siercks moved into second with Travis Schulte in third. Jeremy Nelson passed Schulte and began to work Siercks for second as Shane Howell took fourth. A caution would slow the drivers down and put Martini back with traffic. Nelson took second as the green reappeared and kept with Martini. Martini held Nelson back as the battles heated up through the field. Howell worked Siercks for third and took the point with few laps to go. Howell began to chase the leaders while Nelson continued work Martini. As the white flag was raised, Nelson grabbed a higher groove and passed Martini on the outside. Nelson drove away and took the win in his D&N Trucking sponsored #06. Martini finished second with Howell, Siercks and Kevin Schmidt as the top drivers.


The Jacy Norgaard Photo WISSOTA Street Stocks were next on the agenda with Brian Friez and Kurt Becken on the front row. They battled for first as the green flew with Justin Pogones in third. Friez nosed ahead into the lead as Pogones moved next to Becken. Becken held onto second but Pogones kept after him. Pogones and Becken went back and forth for second while Friez drove away. The leaders caught slower cars and Friez began to lap. Pogones then grabbed the high side and made the pass on Becken. Pogones kept the highline and began to chase down Friez. The checkers flew with Pogones, Becken, Jimmy Gullikson and Josh Laney finishing second through fifth while Friez took his first feature win ever.


Matthew Dibb and Donna Jo Schmidt brought the WISSOTA Super Stocks on the track and Dibb took the lead when the green dropped. Chris Wark and Dan Gullikson moved next to Schmidt and they went three wide for second. Gullikson and Wark pulled ahead in second and third, while Dibb stretched his lead. Gullikson slowly reeled Dibb in but Dibb had a solid lead. Dibb led every lap of the feature, and the rookie rolled his Bradford Garage #22 into victory lane. Gullikson finished second with Wark, James Trantina and Schmidt in the top five.


Dustin Nelson took the lead when the WISSOTA Modified feature began. Jody Bellefeuille and Toby Patchen battled for second, but Jeff Patchen made contact with the wall and the yellow waved. Nelson remained in first with Toby Patchen and Bellefeuille in tow. Patchen took second and moved in on Nelson, but Nelson drove away. Bellefeuille moved back to Patchen’s side and took the second point. Bellefeuille put his foot down and slowly closed in on Nelson. However Nelson’s lead was too grand and Nelson took the checkers rolling his #46 Nelson Recycling Modified into victory lane. Bellefeuille, Toby Patchen, Larry Zeller and Jeremy Nelson took the top points.


Jenna and Teale Kraft led the Hornets to the green for the final feature, but Brandon Opsahl and Chris McClain quickly passed them. Opsahl took the lead and McClain battled Quain Busitzky for second. Busitzky took second while McClain caught a track tire. Everyone continued racing with Opsahl cruising around the 3/8 mile. Gavin Rowland quickly caught Busitzky for second as Jesse Anderson went sideways down the front stretch and almost into the wall. The yellow waved and as the green reappeared, Opsahl drove away. Rowland kept the pressure on Busitzky for second, and with the final laps passing Rowland took the point. With a lead the length of the straightaway, Opsahl took the win.


Next Saturday night will be Kid’s Night Meet the Driver’s night at the Ogilvie raceway. Kids get in for free and will enjoy an extended intermission to meet the drivers on the track. The Saturday Night Shootout kicks off at 6:30.



WISSOTA Modifieds

Feature- Dustin Nelson, Jody Bellefeuille, Toby Patchen, Larry Zeller, Jeremy Nelson, Jeffrey Lien, Jr., Charlie Hillukka, Tim Patchen, Eric Martini, Jeff Patchen, Donnie Lofdahl

Heat 1- J. Patchen, D. Nelson, Zeller, Martini, J. Nelson, Tim Patchen

Heat 2- Bellefeuille, Toby Patchen, Lofdahl, Lien, Jr., Hillukka


WISSOTA Super Stocks

Feature- Matthew Dibb, Dan Gullikson, Chris Wark, James Trantina, Donna Jo Schmidt, Ronnie Malecki, JT Johnson, Jacob Swalboski

Heat- Gullikson, Wark, Dibb, Schmidt, Malecki, Trantina, Englund, Johnson, Swalboski


WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds

Feature- Jeremy Nelson, Bud Martini, Shane Howell, David Siercks, Kevin Schmidt, Kyle Wehking, Jayme Hiller, Travis Schulte, Nick Castellino, Tyler English, Josh Paulson

Heat 1- Martini, Howell, Wehking, Hiller, English, Schmidt

Heat 2- Nelson, Siercks, Schulte, Castellino, Paulson


WISSOTA Street Stocks

Feature- Brian Friez, Justin Pogones, Kurt Becken, Jim Gullikson, Josh Laney, Evan Neumann, Kristopher Peterson, Quentin Busitzky, Sean Becken

Heat 1- Gullikson, K. Becken, Friez, Laney, Busitzky

Heat 2- Pogones, Gessell, Jr., Peterson, Neumann, S. Becken



Feature- Kyle Thell, Matt Halls, Jamie Flickinger, Ryan Buer, Keith Thell, Ross Mead, Nick Jelacie, Trevor Roediger

Heat- Halls, Buer, Ky. Thell, Ke. Thell, Flickinger, Roediger, Jelacie



Feature- Brandon Opsahl, Gavin Rowland, Quain Busitzky, Levi Voss, Chris McClain, Payton English, Teale Kraft, Jesse Anderson, Jenna Kraft

Heat 1- Rowland, Opsahl, English, J. Kraft, Zach Gaslin

Heat 2- Busitzky, McClain, Anderson, T. Kraft, Voss

Ogilvie Raceway
Ogilvie Raceway
Ogilvie Raceway

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